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Try’aSkill motivates people of all ages to try their hand at a variety of trades and skilled professions.

WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill program aims to encourage people to appreciate that vocational education and training can open the door to many viable career choices. The program is a unique and exciting way of promoting trades and skills to all Australians and emphasising the importance of these vocations for business, government, and society.

Participants are guided through fun hands-on activities by industry experts, allowing them to discover the different types of techniques and tools required in a large variety of trades and skills such as automotive services, building & construction, client services, computing & business, hospitality services and metals & engineering.

Some of the Try’aSkill activities that participants can come and try include:


Hospitality & Client Services
  • Design an outfit for the runway, master hair curling, fold napkins into beautiful shapes for dinner parties and decorate their own cupcakes!
Building & Construction
  • Learn how to butter a trowel and lay a course of bricks, construct a timber frame, plaster a wall and create their own tile mosaic.
Automotive Services and Metals & Engineering
  • Disassemble a real engine component, spraypaint a car door and test their welding skills in a simulator.
Computing & Business
  • Write website programming codes, learn how to edit an image using popular graphic design software and design a poster for an event.

Participants have the opportunity to interact with trainers and local businesses within several industries and receive valuable career advice and information on the vocational education and training pathways available to them. Try’aSkill events are popular at open days, careers expos, shopping centres, classrooms and more.

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Try’aSkill - Tasmania

Try’aSkill Tasmania has now been running since 2007 in Tasmania, offering Year nine students a chance to engage in ‘hands on’ activities from three different skills areas. It is one of the biggest careers initiatives in the state and has grown from strength to strength over the years.

Try’aSkill Tasmania owes its existence to the participation of a wide group of stakeholders who recognise a need for providing this type of career development activity to young people, helping to broaden their concept of the world of work and of the pathways available to them now and into the future. The ‘hands on’ nature of the program lets students explore where their own abilities and interests may coincide with potential employment areas and exposes them to skills that they may not previously have considered.

Try’aSkill Tasmania provides an environment in which young people are actively engaged and therefore more likely to participate in conversation with the trainers, apprentices and business people presenting the activities. Recent research from the United Kingdom suggests that students who participate in five or more significant career conversations over their secondary schooling are 50% more likely to be in full time employment or further education at the end of year twelve.

Trade skill areas represented in Try’a’Skill are (but not limited to): industries - horticulture, agronomy, landscape and garden design, floristry; Building and construction – carpentry and wood work, bricklaying, tiling, plastering, glazing, painting and decorating, electrical; Personal services – childcare, aged care, hairdressing, beauty, personal training, hospitality including: cookery, barista, front of house and hotel management; Digital technologies; Engineering – working with metals, design principles; Agriculture – dairy, agricultural technology and management; Aquaculture; Creative industries - fashion design, printing, graphic design; Entertainment – radio, drama; Environment – environmental management and resourcing, parks and wildlife; and Entrepreneurship.