3 reasons to study a business course online 

 Nowadays, I keep seeing ads popping up on my screen trying to convince me to study an online business diploma or a business innovation course online. As much as I am a huge believer and proponent in online learning, I kept thinking to myself, why should I study a business course online? Is it really better than face-to-face learning on-campus? To find out more information visit the direct page for  online business diploma edna.edu.au/online-courses/diploma-of-business/


Why online? 

 As I don’t have the luxury of taking a year off to concentrate on my studies, online learning was really the only option for me. It enables me to work around my schedule and it gives me the flexibility to access my lecturers and support team at the click of a button. I don’t have to queue up and take a ticket for an available tutor to be available (how annoying is that!).  

I found that with an online course, my fees are drastically cheaper (with some of the colleges) and I save on travel costs too! My favorite bit about online learning has to be that I can study when it is convenient for me (really when the kids are in bed) and in my own comfort space (hello Mr. Bed!). I don’t have to listen to boring lectures at 3 pm when my brain’s dreaming of a faraway place where everything is just heavenly, and no sitting on hard plastic lecture hall chairs.  Learn more about the Certificate IV in business Administration – course and subject information available here  


Advantages of online learning 

  • Improve technical skills and knowledge and work around your own schedule – ideal for those who have work and family commitments that they cannot skirt. In 2017, over 3 million students between the ages 20-65 who enrolled in a certificate or diploma course was already in the workforce. Without the option of studying online, these students would have less likely been taking on further education to enhance their career options. Australia also offers free online courses to help Australian bost their digital skills.
  • Study at your own pace – no rushing to meet the lecturer’s deadlines. You can read through your course material at 2pm on a Saturday instead of rushing to attend a lecture on-campus at 9am on a Monday morning. You get a set enrolment period in which you will have to complete your units in, but you are given that entire length to complete the course. 
  • No commuting required – all you need is your computer and a stable internet connection. No need to be spending hours in traffic or on public transport just to get to classes! On top of saving time commuting, you would also save on travel costs! 
  • Access to a variety of courses regardless of your geographical location – you get the option of studying the best course for you regardless of where you live. Be it in another city, or even across the country! You might find that you have more options not just in the types of courses, but you can also be more picky with which training provider or university you want to study with. 
  • Study in a comfortable environment – forget the hard plastic chairs in lecture halls and the cold tuition chambers, you have the luxury of studying in the comforts of your own home – and for some, in their own bed! Where ever you decide to study, online learning provides you with this option, unlike on-campus learning.